When a simple idea is over-explained in highly technical speak.
Megan: My golf ball just went really far!

Taylor: Actually Megan, the dimples on the golf ball create turbulent airflow which allows the boundary layer to adhere over a greater surface area thereby reducing the drag on the ball and allowing it to go farther.

Megan: Why you gotta get all engineerial on me? Just hit the ball.
by Megan77 January 12, 2009
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Overly technical, nerdy, and left-brained. Lacking warmth, charisma, empathy, and general social skills; slightly awkward while at times being uncomfortably pushy or passive aggressive.
We invite the non-technical employees to happy hour so things don't get too engineery.

Keep in mind this article will be read by all sorts of people so don't make it too engineery.
by DGarb June 29, 2011
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Of or pertaining to the concept of engineering or engineers.
Bill: Hey, what is that contraption?

Ted: I don't know, but it's really engineery.
by akdom April 2, 2009
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