a muscle on your bicept resembling a golf ball
by nick F March 20, 2005
white dented spherical object designed to be smacked as hard as you can with an elongated titanium thing
john warren dropped his golf ball and i picked it up and he didnt even say thank you, cunt
by john_warren_is_a_cunt May 5, 2005
The act of putting a golf ball in a girl's ass and then pushing it in as far as you can with your penis to see how long she can hold it
Golf Balling, Golf, Balling
by Long Island Stew June 2, 2009
Breaking into a Golf Course usually somewhere in Idaho and going into the water hazard and getting golf balls for "fun" when someone actually gets paid to do that job.
Hillary wanted us to go golf balling when we all knew that someone else does it to get paid so why would we do his/her job? Plus who would go to Idaho?
by Joey1984 September 4, 2007
When a male ejaculates into plastic wrap and rolls it into the formation of a ball and throws it at his sexual partner
I didn't realize how freaky my girlfriend was until she asked for a golf ball.
by Maria Kelly May 9, 2016
A tool that can kill a skaggs.
I need to get more golf balls there are too many skaggs running around here.
by Jeratin September 8, 2009
look both ways before crossing the street usually used as a word of discipline
crossing guard says "DIRTY GOLF-BALL!!!" to a kid who ran across the street without looking.
by akone 1324 March 18, 2011