4 definitions by Megan77

v. to remove fancy or business attire and put on more comfortable clothes
I just got home from a long day of work. It's time to comfortize.
by Megan77 January 18, 2008
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When a simple idea is over-explained in highly technical speak.
Megan: My golf ball just went really far!

Taylor: Actually Megan, the dimples on the golf ball create turbulent airflow which allows the boundary layer to adhere over a greater surface area thereby reducing the drag on the ball and allowing it to go farther.

Megan: Why you gotta get all engineerial on me? Just hit the ball.
by Megan77 January 12, 2009
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Short form of "Tijuana Flats", a really excellent Mexican Restaurant chain known for their Hot Sauce Bar, with crazy names for each hot sauce.
Let's grab lunch at T-Flats. I love their "Smack My Sweet Ass and Call Me Sally" hot sauce.
by Megan77 January 18, 2008
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V. to look something up in Wikipedia.com
What's a candelabra? I'll have to wiki that.
by Megan77 January 18, 2008
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