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from Family Guy, the following words can sum her up:

by World Domination March 11, 2005
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a popular phrase in Buffalo after the Sabres lost to the Dallas Stars in game 6 of the Stanley Cup series in 1999. The goal involved Brett Hull's skate in the crease when he scored the series winning goal. Mass protests struck around Buffalo, but the result was upheld. To this this day, the words "No Goal" will always refer to Buffalo.
It was no goal, MAN, I hate Dallas!
by World Domination February 25, 2005
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an activity enjoyed by a certain Vikings football player...
Cheeshead: Idiot, did you see him...that guy's mooning us...what did we ever do to him!
by World Domination February 2, 2005
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dangerous magic card from Yugioh that can take you soul. Once played in a duel, a seal surrounds all duelists, trapping them inside and preventing others from entering. If a player's life points hit 0, the seal closes on them, and takes their soul. If all duelists lose their life points, the seal breaks apart and no one is taken.

Under the seal, more monsters can be played by the duelist who played the card. Their monsters gain 500 attack points and become dark.
I will now get rid of you with...the SEAL OF ORICHALCOS!
by World Domination March 6, 2005
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a girl that people think are hot when there are other video game females like Samus who surpass her. Not to mention, the voice actor of Rikku also voice acts Timmy from the Fairly Odd Parents. She's like a ninja, but only that she dresses inappropriately...and guys dig that.

People think that Tidus should have had sex with Rikku, but it's just them
Ok, Rikku's hot all right, but is that all you think of when there is a hawt girl?
by World Domination January 31, 2005
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the version of Roll in Mega Man NT. roll.exe is the net-navi of a girl named Mei Lu, and it's pretty obvious that Roll.exe has a major crush on Mega Man.exe!
Roll.exe is damn sexy!
by World Domination March 15, 2005
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A brand name of cameras. Can print out pictures the moment you take the picture. Though it's been around for a long time, it wasn't popularized until 2 dudes named Big Boi and Andre (aka Outkast) used the name in their hit song "Hey Ya". Now, it's part of pop culture, and people will refer to shaking their things like a Polaroid picture.
Damn, those Polaroid pictures rock. This is what you get for shaking your thang!
by World Domination February 24, 2005
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