3 definitions by Peter Wilkins

Smiley-Syndrome: The Inability to control your inner ego and remain Humble and disassociate ad hoc attacks with something bigger than yourself. Smiley-Syndrome is a more severe case of bitchassness.
Reverend Wright has smiley syndrome. Smiley syndrome gives him a false sense of believing people care about the substantive merits of his arguments. Smiley syndrome makes one feel the need to prove himself to the public and defend his statements.
by Peter Wilkins May 04, 2008
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Saying for when a person thinks something is extremely irrelevant or unimportant. It mimics a news reporter.
Hillary Clinton just won the West Virgina Primary...and Now Sports.
by Peter Wilkins May 13, 2008
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n. Inability for the person to endorse a person because of an individuals status. Usually they are a controversial figure or diametrically opposed to the candidates views. It also entails picking the lesser of the evils and having an overall disdain for the institution of the government.

Ron Pauls support of Obama. He is a republican so he has to give him a Farrakhan Endorsement. Colin Powell saying he is "undecided" about who he will vote for. Sharpton saying "I realize I will hurt a candidate, so I wont endorse him."
by Peter Wilkins May 04, 2008
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