discordant or a harsh and inharmonious sound

A dis-harmonic note of music that sounds awkward
i.e. the dissonant sound you make when you find out
gas prices are going up even higher at an alarming
rate! O.o %#@X! Jezz@%XSus!!
by Weltgeist February 27, 2011
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Rosa Parks felt dissonance when she was asked to give up her seat on the bus
by Vikas March 16, 2004
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a clash between musical notes, not meeting in the correct tone.
the dissonance of your guys' guitars is horrbile! you guys suck.
by amanda April 7, 2005
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That sudden feeling of 'ick' when you take a sip of tea but you thought it was going to be Coke. It's not that you dislike tea you just thought it would be Coke.
Bill: How was your date?
Bixby: I thought only blondes were that ditzy.
Bill: Fight Dissonance, man! It messes with all of us.
by MonaBSU September 29, 2009
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(n) - An unstable combination of women that increases ambient bitchiness. This can occur when the natural vibrating frequencies emitted from one woman's vagina interfere with those of another, causing an unappealing positive feedback (aka vagitation) that attenuates the mood of all women contributing to the dissonance. The intensity of vaginal dissonance is directly proportional to 1) the average distance between each vagina, and 2) the average amplitude of emitted vaginal frequencies, which can vary dramatically between women. It is believed that most documented cases of PMS are actually mistaken episodes of vaginal dissonance.
Bob: "Dude, do not go in that room right now."
Paul: "Why?"
Bob: "Because my sister and her mother-in-law are both in there, and the vaginal dissonance is extreme."
Paul: "Damn...would you like to get a taco or something?"
Bob: "Would I!"
by ah_halifax January 6, 2013
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What happens when the narrative (story) of a game conflicts with the mechanics (stuff the player does.)
"The cutscene says my character is sensitive and kind... but I just blew off 6 innocent people's heads for the lulz and the game was totally cool with that. There's some serious ludonarrative dissonance going on here."
by liekwat April 8, 2016
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When your mind tells you to avoid someone but your dick tells you to go for it.
Last night I had serious cocknative dissonance, I was talking to this really hot chick who seemed into me, but then she told me that she blew a trucker for a ride once, but I still wanted to hook up with her.
by my1137 September 27, 2009
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