A busta is somebody who ruins things, be it robberies at pizza places or attempting to follow a train.
"CJ, you a busta!"
by Doctor Hound January 22, 2013
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Poser--wanna be--one who fronts.
Bitch try to perpatrate--whata' busta!
by G-Wiz August 18, 2003
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a person who cant hold his own , always gettin punkt out.
look at that fool, he knows hes just a busta
by splankinberry August 11, 2003
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Some one who will coward out (ex:getting shot at or doing a robbery) it also could be another team for a tattle tale
"when the bullets strated flying them bustas just start running" or "man that busta snitched to the police"
by Bonnie213 February 12, 2016
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A busta is some fool you and your peeps don't know
Who is that busta tryin to crash our party?
by cunnilinguist November 5, 2003
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