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1. A private university in Atlanta, GA
2. A place where the South meets Long Island, all forms of Coke flow to the mighty Chattahoochee, where kids on financial aid meet those whose parents gave them a jag at 16, where the landscaping endowment is more than you'll make in a lifetime and everyone thinks they're smarter than you
3. A better school than Wash U
Harvard is the Emory of the North, y'all.
by AO November 02, 2004
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a prestigious, private university in atlanta, georgia, often considered a southern ivy and has a beautiful campus
person 1: where do you go to school?
person 2: emory
person 1: really? that's a great school
by angp July 08, 2009
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The term for someone who is utterly adorable and sweet. Emory means the kind of person who isn't afraid to show how they feel and is far too generous and selfless for their own good. Someone who is exceedingly handsome and loving, of whom is prone to romantic and cute words. An "Emory" is the sort of person who one could believe is the greatest individual in the world, and is beautiful on the inside and out. An all around excellent type of person.
I love my Emory more than anything else in the world!
by Vampiress of Yaoi June 22, 2009
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A very prestigious and elite university in Atlanta, Georgia that is known as the Harvard of the South. It is a commonly known fact that this school is better than Rice University, Vanderbilt University and even Duke University. Emory has world-class academics as well as an amazing social scene.
Emory dude: Yo, I'm so smart... I got into Emory...
Vanderbilt dude: nice!!! yo, I got into Vandy! Pretty impressive eh?
Emory dude: ...n00b.
by okwhatisgoingon April 18, 2010
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A work-hard, play-hard school in ATL, and the most northern school you can find south of the mason-dixon line.
Yes, there are some long island brats at Emory, but they're easily avoidable, since they usually form cliques with stupid names (that no one else wants to be in) anyway!
by wells932 October 06, 2006
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N. An athletic boy who is mysterious and quiet, but somehow gets a girl's attention. The more that is known about him, the more appealing he is. He is smart, but behind closed doors is wild and very sexual.
I already have a boyfriend, but that Emory somehow grabs my attention.
by erb0889 March 12, 2009
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