1. A private university in Atlanta, GA
2. A place where the South meets Long Island, all forms of Coke flow to the mighty Chattahoochee, where kids on financial aid meet those whose parents gave them a jag at 16, where the landscaping endowment is more than you'll make in a lifetime and everyone thinks they're smarter than you
3. A better school than Wash U
Harvard is the Emory of the North, y'all.
by AO November 2, 2004
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a prestigious, private university in atlanta, georgia, often considered a southern ivy and has a beautiful campus
person 1: where do you go to school?
person 2: emory
person 1: really? that's a great school
by angp July 8, 2009
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N. An athletic boy who is mysterious and quiet, but somehow gets a girl's attention. The more that is known about him, the more appealing he is. He is smart, but behind closed doors is wild and very sexual.
I already have a boyfriend, but that Emory somehow grabs my attention.
by erb0889 March 12, 2009
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Where girls drip in Juicy and Prada, and the guy wear Diesel a lotta.
Where Beast and Everclear are considered the best, fake ID's aren't put to the test.
Ohhmygawdd, did you see her? She is such an Emory girl.
by Mandie December 1, 2003
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A private university located in Atlanta, GA. Since it accepts students based on their SAT scores, 40% of the students are Asian. In other words, you can smell Kimchi and fried rice everywhere.
A: Dude, what the fuck is this smell?
B: It's called Kimchi, man. It always smells like this at Emory.
by nogomu12 May 28, 2015
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A liberal arts college in Atlanta where the school spirit is as predominant as the amount of good looking girls (see emory vision)
There aren't any fans here at the football game. Let's go to a club. Hopefully there will be some UGA girls there.
by Frank Fitts February 14, 2005
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Facts about Emory:

1. You went here bc you didn't get into Georgetown, Duke and/or Cornell (but you don't tell anyone this)
2. You regret very much going to Emory when you come home & hear stories from your friends at state schools(good looking girls, easy classes, better Greek life)
3. If you're Jewish, you automatically have an advantage when it comes to meeting the opposite sex.
4. Your decision to come to Emory bc of its name doesnt pay off in the end as you enter the business world and NO ONE has heard of your school ("Wait, so you went to Embry Riddle? You a pilot?")
5. You start reffering to NYC as "the city".
You know anyone from Emory who's going to partying in "the city" over break?
by Chuck Norris Jr. December 25, 2005
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