12 definitions by Mandie

a very spazztastic person hoo is ALWAYS going to tell u the truth...evn if u reeeeally reeeally dont want to hear it. REALLY REALLY duznt giv a shit wut other ppl think of her...extremely fun to hang out w/...its always mardi gras...
good thing elles has a new bra!! becuz its MARDI GRAS!!!! take off ur top!
by Mandie March 15, 2005
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A sound of boredom, disgust, redundency, tiredness, exasperation, or frustration. Bored of using the word blah.
Oh Ahbwah! Forget you!
by Mandie December 29, 2005
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Word commonly used in place of "definetly"...most often heard when in the presence of Julie and Mandie
Julie- Getting drunk later, though?

Mandie- Def.
by Mandie February 19, 2005
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A really funny person who is TOTALLY OBSESSED with a REALLY HOTT guy named Matt!!!!!!!!!
by Mandie January 10, 2004
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related to the word minute. meaning a really long time.
Wow! I haven\'t heard that word in a mile.
by Mandie April 27, 2005
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A Jeffica is a son/daughter of a Jeff. Jeffica’s mothers are sometimes Carl. Jeffica’s have orange skin and are described as Mexican.
Look at that homeless lady
“She must be a Jeffica
by Mandie February 10, 2018
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A Jeffica is the son/daughter of a Jeff. They usually have orange skin and ugly hair.
“Look at the homeless lady
“She must be a Jeffica
by Mandie February 7, 2018
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