a “alpha male” who always ask the coloration of your non-existant bugatti and tells you to breath air
andrew tate - ive seen mixed reviews on the colour people who say they don’t like it some do but i tell them what colour is your bugatti ?

tate - BREATHE AIR, you don’t need a vape.
by whatcolourisurbugatti69420 September 4, 2022
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bald guy you see on tiktok that says he is rich and has a discord university that cost 50 dollars
homeless man: spare change sir, i havent ate in 4 days
andrew tate: sign up to my university for money
homeless man: what
andrew tate: what color is your bugatti bitch
by assfuckerdicksucker300069 August 9, 2022
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An icon that does kickboxing and talks about money and women, primarily liked by 9 year old sigmas.
Kid 1: Andrew Tate is so sigma! Women ☕☕☕
Kid 2: Stfu
Parent: I think we should adopt him.
by vxcaie September 27, 2023
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the human version of Axe deodorant
Andrew Tate's ego is inflating more than the currency of Venezuela
by Tsjaad_Donderlul August 3, 2023
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a bald egg that constantly flexes his nonexistent riches and cars, abuses women, makes you pay for a shit university that doesnt teach anything, and is a wanker. he also has small dick energy, as said by greta thunberg (slayberg). he was arrested by romanian police but released because he offered one of the officials a bugatti (there are complaints that he never gave the bugatti and is now being hunted down).
person 1: hey did you hear how andrew tate got roasted by greta thunberg
person 2: oh you mean greta slayberg? yeah i giggled at that so much
person 1: almost pissed myself but he definitely has small dick energy and totally need to get a life
by c0met_slays December 31, 2022
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gru with sun glasses that owns a 'sigma' podcast and has insecurities about his little small chinese eyes, what a sore loser. got banned from a dating show for involving in bdsm knifeplay where he held a machete to the girls throat. dont respect women, pussy and uglier than his brother, no idea how he got on top.
incel one: you heard of andrew tate, he's so sigma!
every-fucking-one else: shut the fuck up you sore loser and braindead fuck
by AAAAAAAAAAA #2 February 19, 2023
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Euphemism for men who psychological behaviour, especially towards strong women who they feel threatened by, may be explained by having a micropenis.

After the toxic misogynist of the same name found himself unbanned from Twitter he was so desperate for relevance he made the grave mistake of trying to instigate a pile on of his incel followers against Greta Thunberg with some pointless reference to the number of highly polluting vehicles he drove.

The fierce Nordic champion effortlessly owned the intellectually challenged Tate with a burn so sick that Twitter struggled to keep up.
I might not be the best looking bloke in the room, but at least I wasn't born with an Andrew Tate
by Cenuij December 29, 2022
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