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1. A private university in Atlanta, GA
2. A place where the South meets Long Island, all forms of Coke flow to the mighty Chattahoochee, where kids on financial aid meet those whose parents gave them a jag at 16, where the landscaping endowment is more than you'll make in a lifetime and everyone thinks they're smarter than you
3. A better school than Wash U
Harvard is the Emory of the North, y'all.
by AO November 02, 2004

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Ability to play on any instrument (guitar, drums, brass, etc.). Used for guitar and drums because of the chopping motion made by the hand, and used for wind instruments because chops is also slang for one's mouth.
On drums: He played the ditty so fast. . . he has amazing chops.

On guitar: Did you hear that solo? He's got wicked chops!

On brass: You have to have some chops to hit a double G.
by AO November 16, 2004

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