Using excessive emoticons or emojis while texting, in an emotional state
Wow, Sally is being so emojional right now, she needs to stop sending me so many smiley faces.
by :):(:D:P March 24, 2015
(of a person) having the tendency to express intense emotions habitually via text messages composed primarily of emojis, esp. as opposed to communicating such feelings through a different medium and/or more verbally directly.

(of a text message) comprised of mostly if not entirely of emojis that communicate personally critical emotionality
I know Raekwon's emojional friend is currently extremely upset, but this text is indecipherable: what could they possibly hope to communicate starting with Panda Bear face, followed by Syringe, Orange Cocktail, Pill, and Barber Pole emojis?
by 1<l10mmm November 1, 2016
The act of displaying your emotions through a series of emojis.
Sarah was so angry she displayed her emojions in that message.
by yeetboi420 December 31, 2015
The use of emojis to express emotion through text.
Carla: 🤣😄😥
Stan: What's wrong with you?
Carla: idk, I just feel emojional. 😫
by T.J.Wolfe August 7, 2018
This word can be used in context when viewing a sad and emotional movie such as the Emoji Movie and after experiencing such a sad and heart-breaking movie, the word "Emojional" was coined to express ultimate sadness (you can only be emojional if you watch the emoji movie)
Man, I just watched The Emoji movie in Cinema and I bought tissues instead of popcorn because I know its going to be emojional
by The Nonceler June 14, 2018
When you use the wrong emoji to react to something.
I sent her a "laughing so hard I'm crying" emoji, when she told me her grandfather died. Caused some emojional dissonance.
by ReignForestWhitaker June 11, 2016
n. "emo•jeeuns" - showing or expressing emotion through the use of emojis.
Dude we had such a good convo last night, she showed tons of emojions!
by ExoticCars247 October 23, 2016