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The act of displaying your emotions through a series of emojis.
Sarah was so angry she displayed her emojions in that message.
by yeetboi420 December 31, 2014
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The use of emojis to express emotion through text.
Carla: 🤣😄😥
Stan: What's wrong with you?
Carla: idk, I just feel emojional. 😫
by T.J.Wolfe August 06, 2018
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n. "emo•jee•uns" - showing or expressing emotion through the use of emojis.
Dude we had such a good convo last night, she showed tons of emojions!
by ExoticCars247 October 22, 2016
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when you become the physical or emotional embodiment of an emoji
"hey bro, that thing i just said? made me feel some emojions... like.. the sunglasses emoji. i feel pretty badass right now"
by sanriobitch June 30, 2019
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