Emo boys are generally very pretty and very very sexy. Everyone wants an emo boy. Just because they have nice hair doesn't mean they are gay. I want an emo boy.
Me: "Look, doll, that emo boy is sexy!"
Doll: "Well duh, ALL emo boys are sexy!"
Me: "I knew that. Get out of my way, that emo is mine!"

Doll: "Wow, that emo boy sure can move fast."
by Lily Cooper October 02, 2005
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beautiful in every way. There to be loved, and thats all they want. Agreed, they can be a handfull if you get them on a bad day or if u break there hearts. but then, u shouldnt toy with there emotions should you. its girls like you that make them wish it was me in there beds. x. <3
how could you hurt my "emo boy" he only wanted to be loved, least i can show some compassion. x <3
by x.flat.packed.x September 25, 2005
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Walking clouds of misery with chocking emo ties/pants who are, quite unexpectedley, the sex.
Emo boy cries because his girlfriend left him.
His boyfriend wrote him a poem.
by buggeroff September 09, 2005
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boys who arent afraid to break the sterio type about how a "man" is supposed to act and express emotion.
they tend to attract alot of girls(and guys too) because they are true to themselves, and thats sort of sexy i guess.
they have pretty hair that falls in front of there eyes and most of the time they cut themselves. they are typically skinny and just pretty in general.
ohhh! look at the pretty emo boy! with the pretty hair! **drools**
by Sars July 21, 2004
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Emo was originally used to describe "emotional hardcore" music that was somewhat similar to rock and often had confessional lyrics.
The term "emo" was an abbreviation for "emotional hardcore"before being used to describe those who listened to that type of music.

Emo boys are skinny guys who usually wear dark colors and skinny jeans. Their hair usually covers at least one of their eyes, and some wear eyeliner. They are usually introverted, creative, sensitive to people's feelings and mysterious. Some are just ass-fags. Not all emo boys are "fags" who cry all the time and cut their wrists. Some are bisexual because they're open-minded, but don't flatter yourself and think all LGBTs are just out there to rape you.
They're just people, so of course, every one of them has their own variations and shit.
Emo skaters are the hottest though.
Friend: I will mentally have sex with all the emo boys I see on the street today.

Me: Amen, brotha.
by Pseudo-innocence April 17, 2011
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Really hot boys who act all sad and what not. They wear tight clothes that look hot on them. And I have no problem if they want to have sex with me when they're in need of emotional support!
OH MY GOD LOOK! That hot emo-boy is coming over here to have sex with me!
by El Siesta. October 23, 2004
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Emo Boys....hmmm...theyre very deep and personal. They show emotion. Has hair that covers up face. Wear mostly KR3W pants with a tight black or band tee. VERY MUCH into music. But, have very intellegent conversations. Very sweet if you are nice to them. If they love you they will write you a poem or a song (and theyll tell you to your face). They are the best kind of guy you can get =).

...hard to find....great when found.
EMO BOY: I really like you and was wondering if you would be my girlfriend.

GIRL: Your really sweet. Of course I would!
by LinzyCain December 04, 2006
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