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Very funny person but can be extremely annoying at times. Can be shy with new people but not for long.
"Emanuelle, come do my project with me!"
by EmaClou02 May 22, 2016
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A Brazilian who loves to be goofy by herself or around her closest friend.
She is the type of girl who would make your relationship interesting.
Loves to travel and loves animal especially dogs. She is cute and sweet. She is the perfect girlfriend.
Boy: "Emanuelle has to be my girl soon"
by Goal girl May 22, 2018
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Very sexy guy with a huge heart. Personality is one thing that will dry any women crazy!! Once you get to know him he's real hard to forget and will be one of the best people you meet. Very happy person. Very athletic. Has that good dick and loves to get head. Is great at sex and loves doggy style. Very lovable and cares a lot but don't get on his bad side cause that's when you have ruined everything that ever happened.
I don't want him, I have Emanuelle and he's all I've ever wanted in a guy
by Flaca March 14, 2017
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