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when you cum on some ones face and then throw a handful of glitter on it, Thus creating a semi permanent glittery face. In order for it to be true elfing you must also make a high pitched elf squeak as you blow your load. This can often be confused with some stage make up.
"since her public elfing her face glistens when she goes out side."
"no one will ever forget when she got elfed, you can still see it stuck to her face."
by beanboytastic January 09, 2012
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the process of drawing on or otherwise doing nasty things to someone who is passed out, usually drunk, with their shoes on.
"We were elfing Jason last night. He was so drunk, we wrote "I suck dick" on his face!"
by Lunchbox330 April 05, 2008
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when your shoes,usually made of leather, get old and or wet then dry out and curl up in the front resembling elf shoes.
I think it might be time to buy some new kicks,these old air jordans are elfing on me.
by tard420 April 25, 2010
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A word to describe the process of playing a Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game (MMORPG).
Im elfing it up as we speak!
by The Third Grand Wizard Of Wazoo November 27, 2006
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When your getting a blowjob and since your pullout game is strong you pullout in time to jizz in your girls ear
Charles always elfs his girls...
I like to go elfing
by Mermaid man November 17, 2014
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To move swiftly and nimbly in a situation usually restricting such movement. Also; elfed, to elf.
He was seen nimbly elfing through the crowded subway in persuit of the purse thief.
by Derek Underhill March 27, 2008
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