We are represented by the biggest and strongest land animal on the planet. GOP} BABY!!!
by Straight from E-ville June 21, 2005
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A highly entertaining and intellectual movie by Gus Van Sant about high school shoot out inspired by a videogame and beethoven. The big controversy associated is whether the two killers associated were homosexuals or not.
Guy#1:Dude, I watched this cool movie Elephant yesterday.
Nerd:What is the moral of the movie.
(Shoots the Nerd in his crotch)
by GenitalWart October 07, 2004
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a large, husky mammal who's population has had a significant increase over the past couple of years. This is most likely due to their ability to run at speeds as high as forty miles per hour. It may also be due to their inability to die. The only way to kill this cancerproff animal is to chant "Uo Jupelix Dai hapog sevilience!" which translates to "I do not believe in Elephants.", which will instantly kill the closest elephant. Fisher men have been hunting the elephant for thousands of years, most likely because their tusks, which are woven out of pure dreams. To bring an elephant back to life, you must gather a group of dawves and have them stick their tows into it mouth, while singing songs about Jesus or jellyfish resembling Jesus. I do not see why anyone would like to bring back elephants, because they are Jew haters. They also are big supporters on terrorism and are spies for those damn Mongolians, which as everyone knows are really Saturn dwellers. But worst of all, elephants enjoys kicking puppys.
There are multiple breeds of elephants, such as the normal, werewolf, and vampire elephant.
It would be dangerous to ride an elephant because you may fall off and hert you knees.
by Patrickkkk March 24, 2008
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Lots of money. Hustler

Having lots of money in pocket at that time from selling something, i.e. drugs, jewelry, lottery.

Always paid, never without money.
He got a couple of elephants last night.

He is the elephant man.
by Christal Adams May 10, 2007
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someone who is acting skank-like; flirting -- a lot. sometimes with only one person, when there are plenty of others around.
sara: bob was hitting on every girl today at the pool!

beth: totally. what an elephant..
by karly;; April 27, 2008
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When a man tucks his own penis into his own butthole.
Hey Jeremy, what are you doing for Columbus Day? "Oh not much, gonna put on the new Coldplay album and give myself an elephant."
by Jimmy Feix July 11, 2014
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