Any quite large person that lives the floor above you and is loud all the time. They must be watched all the time and fed quite frequently.
The elephants are quite loud today... maybe they're mating.
by idil wild girl October 01, 2007
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The English word elephant is from the Latin "elefantus", which derives from elevatus (raised) + fant (speaking) - in other words, an animal which makes a loud noise. Subsequent transliteration to the Greek alphabet resulted in the English word we recognise as "elephant".
What is that large animal which is making a loud noise whilst crossing the Alps with Hannibal?
That is what we have decided to call "an elephant", Centurion.
Please pass word to Scipio and the boys.
by ColinC November 22, 2011
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When one person has a problem with another
the instance of having an elephant with that person
Sam: oh she is such a bitch.
Robyn: You have a serious elephant with her dont you.
by Hooky1308 July 08, 2009
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the result when the balls are successfully pulled up to each side of the penis froming what looks like an elephant with a big penis trunk and two balls for ears
His penis is so cute when he does the elephant.

Our nightly parade is about to begin...here comes the elephant.
by Derek D'Gilly June 13, 2004
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