A thing in your life that sends an almopst elctrical current of happiness through your body..comes in few forms but the action and effects are all the same..Also something which you find srangely attractive after little contact
Wow!! You seem as attractive as a giant uber Electromagnet!!
by Greggy January 27, 2005
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internet friends, and/or those who haven't met in real life but have conversed through telephone or chatted on net. since all those interactions have taken place through means that run on electromagnetic waves
A: so how come you know her? she lives so far away
B: no, actually we are just electromagnetic friends
by daone1991 January 30, 2009
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When your brother becomes aware of the surrounding radio waves, and shelters inside without electricity
"Hey, are you coming?" "No, I had to stop at Chuck's house to deliver his food because of his Electromagnetic Hypersensitivity."
by GUSFR1NG November 11, 2022
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Electromagnetic candy is any electrical object, usually computers or spaceships or mp3 players, that is bait and attracts geeks or others in general.

Electromagnetic Candy is a reference to an analogy used in the Farscape episode "Green Eyed Monster" where electromagnetic fields are attractive to Budongs.

"I was on the way to my Job interview, but I was distracted by the electromagnetic candy at JB Hi-Fi"

Question: "What present do you want for your birthday"
Answer :"Electromagnetic candy"

Question: "How good is that video game?"
Answer: "It is Electromagnetic Candy"
by Rattle June 16, 2007
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Another word for light, often in context with the face.
Aaarrg, why did you turn on the lights? Now I have electromagnetic bukkake in my eyes!

See bukkake.
by pragm4 August 25, 2010
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a pointless thing to learn. you will forget all those times you spent in your physics lessons at school therefore you do not need to learn something as stupid and pointless as this.
girl 1: hey, i just figured out what the electromagnetic spectrum is!
girl 2: why did you do that? it's a waste of time.
by littlemorethunder March 24, 2010
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