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An ekin is someone that knows a topic backwards and forwards, inside and out. The name originates from Nike the sneaker company. Phil Knight - Nike's co-founder and chairman - was actually the first EKIN. It was originally used to name the first traveling Nike sales reps back in the 1970's because "they had to know the product backwards and forwards, hence EKIN.
That dude is a friggin' ekin. He knows everything there is to know about Corvettes.
by silverstonem5 October 18, 2018
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A word referring to an individual who acts in the manner of an elderly man. Such acts include, but are not limited to, sleeping early, calling caramel "toffee," and displaying a disproportionate affection for foods such as prunes.
Dude, that guy just ate like a bajillion prunes. And now he's going to sleep. At like 7:30. What an Ekin.

by Marvah March 05, 2009
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A very chavvy boy with a small pp but is hot asf so who cares
oh look there’s ekin , hide your dog !
by March 20, 2019
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The term used to appropriate a large collection of friends and family, as well as acquaintances and buddies online, of which and whom you speak with via internet frequently.
"I apologize for losing track of time, I was catching up with my e-kin, a lot has changed in the past 4 months."
by Vyktor Sparx July 20, 2010
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A widely known fatty who is said to inhabit the Southern Coast of England. He is know for collecting badgers willies and putting tobacco up the bellend. He is known for his prize winning collection of children, as well as his extensive bulbous spongiform but most recognisable as a dandelion.

He is rumored to have clitori for eyez.
When alarmed he let's out a cry similar to that of a car engine starting up.

This name has become a common colloquial term that applies to people who come from the Southern Coast.
'Stop being a silly Ekins!'
by Charles J. Glenningham Jr. March 07, 2007
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