When a man performs oral sex on a woman with no expectation of reciprocation or intercourse. Opposite of laced up. Also used as buckle up and buckle her/me up.
Arthur doesn't even know the definition of the word buckle up, I'm calling Jim.

by SGS000001 April 11, 2006
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When people (mostly females) have gained enough weight or gotten old enough that the size of their lower abdomen causes their belt buckles to point upward towards the sky instead of out as it normally would on a slim person. Women sometimes carry their extra body mass in the form of a "pocket" or "bubble" and their pants cover this "pod." Since women wear their pants higher than men due to their body structure, their belts sit atop of this globule and cause the bult buckle to point upward.

Things are very bad when this sac is bigger than a woman's breasts.

Things are very, very bad when you cannot even see whether a woman is experiencing Buckle Up due to their belt buckle being sandwiched under their huge breasts and above their balloned abdomen.

CAUTION: Buckling Up can cause blindness! There is record of people losing their eyesight due to the sun's rays reflecting off of a belt buckle and shining into someone's eyes.
"Wow, Jane has gained so much weight that she really has started to buckle up."
by Simon Jethro April 20, 2006
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Buckle up Buttercup is a sarcastic expression, denoting that one should get ready for some upcoming unpleasant or extreme action.

It is a bit of a sarcastic portmanteau between the "buckle up" phrase used to get people to use seat belts and "pucker up buttercup" meaning to prepare for a kiss. The sarcasm reverses the positive connotations.
by TheKnightWhoSaidIckyIcky October 17, 2018
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Metaphor for: "Get ready cause some crazy shit's about to go down!" or "Get ready for a wild ride!" or what you say before the shit hits the fan.

History: Derives from old cowboy rodeo phrase, as a reminder when riding on a wild bull or bucking bronco.

Pop Culture: A favorite phrase of Caitlyn Jenner on South Park, which is then usually followed by someone getting accidentally killed by her.
Guy at bar asks Caitlyn Jenner: "It should be an interesting election this year huh?"

Caitlyn sips her drink and fiendishly replies: "Buckle up buckaroos."
by ZorkMuse December 15, 2016
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Referring to the meme where a girl doesn’t buckle up so she flies out when it crashes.
by A roach._. September 2, 2019
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A term difined as gathering up your courage or being intrepid. When one "straps on a pair" or "acts like a man."
Ja'quan: Yo, i wanna ask out ladasha, but im scared.
Dante: Man, Buckle up your ballsack and go get dat bitch.
Ja'quan: Aight bruh, boutta get some ass.
by DaDirtyMunchkin July 22, 2014
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Said sarcastically to those whom know your rules for riding Shotgun in your vehicle. Also for those nondrivers. Protect your points!
Me: After being placed handcuffed in the background seat of a patrol car by the Officiating Officer: "Excuse Me Officer, I see You and Your witness both buckled up when You entered the Vehicle, but You did not buckle Me in. Now I tell My Children to Buckle Up Buttercup when riding in My vehicle, and if I did not have You buckle Me in that would be a bad Mom of Me now wouldn't it?"
by ~Mask January 11, 2019
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