An accidental play style that a person can have, pertaining two sides; really bad and really good.

They can go from being the best at the game to being the worst in seconds.
Man 1: “How did he miss that ball, it was wide open!”
Man 2: “It doesn’t matter cause he still saved that goal in the end.”
Man 1: “He’s such a coin.”
by SydneyTerror November 14, 2021
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"Shut the fuck up you fucking coin."
"Go to hell you coin ass mother fucker."

Jimmy: "Whats up billy?"
Billy: "Coin."
by Zach Winzenburg August 24, 2007
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A derogatory term for a female that means guys only want her for her Head and her Tail
Coin: All the boys want me
Guy: The only reason they want you is because you fuck anything with a dick you coin ass bitch!
by Anchorman22 December 28, 2013
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Coin is a type of constructive dialogue or storytelling where both sides of a situation or event are present; applies to printed material as well
The conversation will be coin style today and the topic is “drug dealing”. A police officer will start and then a convicted felon will go next.
by Adam T. Khan December 1, 2020
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To be less than money, or a quality individual. To be worthless in the eyes of your peers. Can also be referred to as "LB Coin," or "Little Bitch Coin"
"Shut up, you're not even money, you're just coin."
by CapnBiggles February 18, 2004
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