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The instantaneous and short-lived feeling of unbridled joy which accompanies ejaculation.
Guy 1: Mate you look delighted, what's the good news?
Guy 2: It won't last bro, ejac-elation is short but oh so sweet.
Guy 1: Dude, too much info.
by Freshpot October 15, 2011
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To be so elated by a perceived favourable outcome in an event, no matter how mediocre, that one proceeds to ejaculate without warning in one's pants, regardless of the social situation.
Dentist: 'You were well behaved at your appointment today David, so here's a sticker'
David: (jizzes in pants)
Dentist: 'Ejacelation?'
David: 'Nope, prostate cancer.'
by liammcginty January 27, 2017
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