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A very good wrestling organization that existed from 1993-2001.
ECW has some nice babes.
by Junkyardjimbo88 July 22, 2003
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one of the best federations ever with some of the best wrestlers like Justin Credible and RVD.
WWE is on well time for me to put in my Heatwave 2000 and watch some real wrestling
by ????? September 26, 2003
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ECW stands for Extreme Championship Wrestling. ECW is more of a hardcore version of WWE and TNA. It started of in the 90's and almost when country wide before it was shut down. Recently the WWE has "re-vived" ECW.
In the 90's ECW matches always consisted under Extreme Rules Which basicly meant that there are no rules. Some of the main wepons were chairs,Tables, Barbed Wire and Fire. Some of the wrestler that started their include sabu, Tommy Dreamer, Sandman, RVD and Rey Mysterio

Now with the New ECW only one or two matches a night are called under extreme rules. Some of the wrestler that have joined ECW since it was revived are: Big Show, CM Punk, Kurt Angle and Test

The Current ECW champion is : The big show
The current Commentators are : Tazz & Joey Styles
It is currently being showed in USA on the sci-fi network and goes for 1 hour
Joey styles: OH MY GOD!!! sabu just put RVD through a burning table!!!!
Tazz:I can't belive it
by Darren Spencer October 04, 2006
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The best wrestling league ever. Ran from 1992 to 2001.
I went to ECW Heatwave 98 and it was fucking awesome.
by Yo Momma November 17, 2004
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Gave every one a chance to hear the single greatest catch phrase in recent his second only to "Doh!"
by lordaleksandre June 09, 2004
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The utlimate wrestling show. Specializes in broke necks, bob wires, tables lit on fire and chants of "Holy Shit" and "You Fucked Up". Technically should have won the T.V war against WCW and WWE but because of lack of funding and not fans or roster talent faded gracefully from the airwaves to then rise like a pheonix on the Sci-Fi channel; fitting because some the matches these dudes have had are not of this world.
Joey Styles: Holy shit Bam Bam Bigelow just been Full Nelson suplexed through a table by Taz the Suplex Machine.

Fans Chanting: ECW, ECW, ECW, ECW, ECW, ECW, ECW, ECW
by Slade Technics July 04, 2006
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