28 definitions by xion

1:an annoyying little mindless bitch who worships the worst rocker on earth marylin manson whos the king of dueche

2:ppl comenly called goths bye those to dumb to know what goth is
go head and like manson i dont care just dont a little bitchy mansonite and call him god
by xion May 7, 2005
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best friend of ryu and fellow follower opf shotokan karate

street fighter 11
ha HA HA i just shoryukened you wit ken bich
by xion May 11, 2005
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n00b the a fucked up way of saying newbie shortened to newb then noob save time then n00b bye some dumbass who thinks its cool it means your dumb or something like that used bye those who think they know evrything but its used most oftenly bye those who dont any thing them selves and want to make them selves feel better
hey cant even make a level 3 font what a noob
by xion May 7, 2005
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a back flip that ends on the stomach in stead of the feet used in pro wresling done from the top rope middle rope of ladders cages the apron the ground
matt hardy just moonsaulted chrsitain on that ladder sick
by xion May 7, 2005
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only poseurs say psoeur and only newbs say noob
i dont need an example !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
by xion May 9, 2005
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One of the awesome wonders in the world, ravaging his pirate skills upon your plank.
Pigwater is after you.
by xion September 24, 2003
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a very fun rpg video game that i at 18 still injoy about capurturing and figting with kick ass monsters sounds like fun to bad they went ruined in 97 98 by making a baby show about it ruing the 1995 video game
dude pokemon is awesome the game not the queer ass baby show
by xion May 7, 2005
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