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n00b the a fucked up way of saying newbie shortened to newb then noob save time then n00b bye some dumbass who thinks its cool it means your dumb or something like that used bye those who think they know evrything but its used most oftenly bye those who dont any thing them selves and want to make them selves feel better
hey cant even make a level 3 font what a noob
by xion May 7, 2005
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a wreslting move were you jump froward lay down in the air and land on your back on your oppt.
bubba ray just sentoned trish
by xion May 7, 2005
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the hurriacne kick used bye ken and ryu in street fighter a forward spinning roundhoudse kick
ken jumped up and kicked and yell tatsumakisenpukyaku
by xion May 7, 2005
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in the spalsh you jump out and land on your oppt belly first in the frog splash you jump out pull your kneens to your chest ansd grab them in mid air then trust out them out and spalsh makeing you kinda like a frog
frog spalsh /low down frog spalsh/5-star frog spalsh/awesome spalsh

man kid kash just frog splashed cassidy riley
by xion May 7, 2005
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extreme championship wrestling formerly eatrem championship wrestling a fedaration who was famous for extreme stuff hardcore matches flaming tables total disregard for huma safetey they had and have a cult following but alas in 1999 they were they bankrupted bye wcw and wwf(wwe)
and had no choice but to sell the company and all rites to titan sports inc.(vince mcmahon)
ecw rules did see that 450 splash bye rvd he nearly killed kidman
by xion May 7, 2005
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a ball of concentrated engery shot from the hands used bye ryu and ken (best frineds not brothers)
ryu ducked the yoga flame and hadokened dhalsim
by xion May 6, 2005
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like all these words sk8 or sk8er or sk8r is not poseurish and avril did create it was made in chat rooms like sayinmg kool or or got 2 go useing short cuts 2 save time (see also leet l33t 1337 l337 31337)
chat box guy one:i love to sk8 at the park its fun

chat box gurl:kool i luv 2 sk8 its fun
by xion May 9, 2005
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