That dog is the whole fucking show.
by Adam December 4, 2004
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Extremely awesome and talented wrestler, who would get a lot farther if he wasn't stoned 24/7.
RVD: Dude! I'm *thumb thingy* R. V. D!
by HurriKaty February 9, 2004
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Thats the greatest wrestler around ROB VAN DAM. His finisher is the 5 star frog splash and he should be the WWE Champion but that loser Triple H is holding him back because he knows that he is a loser and RVD is a winner.
Everything is cool when you're RVD
by Dave November 27, 2003
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A 3", bouncer bashing, 17 pint Leprechaun. He spends his day penetrating his dyson, and glazing the inside. When all spunked out he gets out his step ladder and climbs onto his chair and tells the zone lobby how many drinks he had today, plays a game of TA, loses, cries, makes an excuse, quits TA, comes out of retirement, and the cycle begins again. yo
Go on zone to see this leprechaun perform
by Fivestar Frogsplash December 27, 2005
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Used by ECW Wrestler ( Rob Van Dam. RVD-420 means 'I Just Smoked Your Ass!'
RVD: Do you remember what RVD-420 meant?
- ECW One Night Stand 2005
by Nick Holden August 21, 2006
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