a man whose weight is always changing from the view of J.R.
(Armageddon)J.R.: BATISTA IS 275 POUNDS

(Royal Rumble) J.R.:BATISTA IS 310 POUNDS

(one nite on raw) J.R.: BATISTA IS 320 POUNDS
by wrestlingfreak123 April 17, 2004
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a wrestler who beat randy orton,triple h,and ric flair and some other people
oh my god! batista just batista bombed coach!
by sykotic ninja November 26, 2005
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real name: David Bautista. His father is a Filipino and his mother is Greek. Has a Filipina wife and 2 daughters. Born and raised in Washington, DC. Former wrestling name: Leviathan. Looks definitely sexier in clothes than without it.
Batista looks so hot in his expensive suit!
by joannes08 September 17, 2006
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A Sexy girf of god to women. and men.
A wild beast in the ring.
will smack your head in if
a reason is found.
by Miss JinX November 24, 2005
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An awesome physical specimen of a man; sexy; talented; evolutionized
i.e. Batista vs. Orton - obvious, right?
by Jadah February 5, 2005
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Visually stunning wrestler, incredibly sexy. Possibly looks sexier in clothes than out of them.
Example? For God's sake look at the man
by Debbie March 11, 2005
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large mofo in the wwe who is also the world heavyweight champ
damn,batista just beat the shit out of ric flair and put triple h through the table wit a powerbomb!
by g-papa May 26, 2005
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