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a man whose weight is always changing from the view of J.R.
(Armageddon)J.R.: BATISTA IS 275 POUNDS

(Royal Rumble) J.R.:BATISTA IS 310 POUNDS

(one nite on raw) J.R.: BATISTA IS 320 POUNDS
by wrestlingfreak123 April 16, 2004
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A WWE wrestler, part of the group of 'Evolution'. Nicknamed as 'The Animal', this very large, and immensely tatooed wrestler has changed wrestling history many times. Teaming up with Ric Flair and/or Triple H, you can be sure that, whether your tag team partner or innocent ringside defender, Batista will be sure to be an advantage.
"What a massive Powerslam by Batista."
"What an animal!"
by ..::matthew::.. July 16, 2004
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WWE wrestler with great potential,a marketable look, and some charisma.Recently became World Tag Team Champion at Armageddon with Ric Flair defeating the Dudley Boyz.
"And the new Tag Team Champion,Batista and Ric Flair,EVOLUTION
by Batista Bomb December 31, 2003
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Batista is the former World Heavyweight champion. Injury caused him to vacate the title in January. Used to be terrible in the ring, but has improved somewhat. His mike skills need a bit of work, but some of his backstage promos (Involving Eddie Guerrero and more recently, Melina) were comedy gold. Former member of Evolution, and HHH's lackey, Batista beat Trips at Wrestlemania, in what can be considered one of the crappest matches on the card. Worked much better on Smackdown, but has always been plagued with injuries.The only thing I despise about him is that ridiculous 'Hulk Hogan' style 'Hulking up'thing he does, grasping the ropes and tearing them off the turnbuckles. I mean...why?
'This HORSE Batista!!'-J.R

'Yeah...I'm feeling good and ready to go! *hears a tear* Holy crap! My Quads torn again! And my back!--Batista
by JimmyJimm January 17, 2006
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One of the most overrated peices of crap wrestlers in the history of professional wrestling. Wrote one of the lamest wrestling autobiographies of all time, where he brags about cheating on his wife while she was fighting cancer. A real class act. He even wrote that he had no respect for the business and was only in it for the money. If you don't respect the business that made you, get the fuck out.

He also can't go through a single match without getting injured, botching (fucking up) a move, or both.

BOTCHtista is one of the reasons why WWE sucks today, and is also a reminder that the WWE has not created any new LONGTERM main eventers since 2005.

The guy has his head so far up Triple H's ass, that if he rammed it up there any further, he would see what "The Game" eats for breakfast every morning.
Jim: How did you like the Batista match last night?

Scott: Not at all, I don't like the roided up move botching injury prone douchebag roid monkey

Jim: yeah, anyone who cheers for a man who does not even respect the wrestling business, is not a real wrestling fan to begin with.

Scott: Yes, just a dumb mark sheep

Jim: As much as John Cena sucks, at least he respects the business and the fans.
by My Name Is Hugh...Mungus August 17, 2009
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a roid freak who is extremely over with WWE MARKS despite the fact that he BOTCHES 99 percent of his moves, and treats fans like crap outside the ring. He also bragged about cheating on his cancer ridden wife in his lame book (Chris Jericho's book > Batista's book) Batista has one of the worst powerbombs in history. The landing is just awful. Japanese puroresu > North American wrestling. His name should be BOTCHTISTA
Batista sucks more than a fat whitehouse intern during the Clinton administration.
by My Name Is Hugh...Mungus August 16, 2008
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