A term used to describe how simple it is to strike out / get a person out of a game. Commonly used in Baseball / Softball and Kickball.
Pitcher: "Oh great, look who's coming up next at bat, this is gonna be an easy out."
Batter: "I suck at this game..."
by KT_KoopaTroopa November 24, 2015
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To get out of a bad situation by using the least resistance, in other words, killing oneself.
Instead of fighting or surrendering to the cops, he took the easy way out. He was a very good friend.
by agreensnowman June 17, 2014
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to masturbate before sex, so you can last longer.
I let the easy one out, let's have a sex marathon!!!!!
by smallfierce June 24, 2014
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Another name for dark chocolate covered espresso beans due to their extreme laxative affect......
"Hey Brittany, you want some chocolate covered espresso beans? Hell no! Last time I ate some of those easy outs I sharted my pants on the way to a client meeting"
by phillyaaron February 17, 2016
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