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A dull or disappointing ending or result.
Mike: I'll get the last kill of the round!
*kills an enemy*
*game ends*
Mike: That was anticlimactic.
by agreensnowman June 17, 2014

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To get out of a bad situation by using the least resistance, in other words, killing oneself.
Instead of fighting or surrendering to the cops, he took the easy way out. He was a very good friend.
by agreensnowman June 17, 2014

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Like Throwing a hotdog down the hallway, but the vagina is much looser.
That prostitute had sex so much it was like throwing a hotdog down the grand canyon.
by agreensnowman August 17, 2014

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Overwhelming sadness and anxiety felt by underclassmen as a result of their close senior or upperclassman friends graduating.

Named after the book The Perks of Being a Wallflower, where a freshman's entire friend group is made up of seniors, but they are going to graduate.
I've gotten so close to many seniors that I can call them my best friends, and I'm scared for their graduation. It'll feel like losing an entire family. Perks syndrome has been hitting me hard.
by agreensnowman June 09, 2018

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In the NFL, a touchdown celebration is performed by the runner after they make a touchdown. Usually dances or goofy interactions with other players or the crowd. Touchdown celebrations are now banned by the No Fun League.
Jimmy Graham dunked the football on the goalpost and bent it, an infamous touchdown celebration.
by agreensnowman April 10, 2015

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To ejaculate without the release of semen from the penis.
Dry loads can really make my pants cleaner and feel awesome at the same time.
by agreensnowman May 13, 2014

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