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One of the original four space shuttles built by NASA in the early 1980s, which also included Columbia, Atlantis, and Discovery.

Broke apart 73 seconds after liftoff on January 28, 1986, killing all seven crewpeople aboard, including schoolteacher Christa McAuliffe.
Everyone born prior to the Reagan Administration knows where they were when they heard the Challenger has exploded. It was the most tragic disaster related to space exploration the world had ever seen.
by TwentyFive January 28, 2011
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(Challenger II) One of the Best Army Tanks in the world, utilised by the British armed forces. It is the size of a large garage, weighs over 60 tonnes and carries enough of an armoury to wipe out a far greater number of T55 Soviet tanks as was proved in Iraq.
I'd much rather be in a Challenger II than one of the 14 odd T55's that got destroyed
by Wattsie May 09, 2006
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The British Challenger tank is the fastest and most powerful tank in the world to date. With its revolutionary fireing mechanism and armour it is able to withstand multiple RPG hits with out penertrating into the cab or turret. It has a huge 12 cylinder diesel engine in the back which produces 1200hp and is able to make it travel at over 40mph on rough ground even though it weighs over 62 tonnes. It has been used in Iraq and Afgahnistan and proven itself to be the best main battle tank in the world. It also come as standard with a kettle!!
Jeremy Clarkson stood under challenger gun - "The thing im most interested in though is the big gun, which you can see is rifled for greater accuracy. Unlike those smooth bore American ones that just hit something... over... there."
by Who Ate All The Pies August 10, 2006
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1. Gangster slang for "corolla"

2. A dream had by men who are on the verge of impregnating their wives.
1. "Hey purdy lady, take a ride in my challenger yo." Typical response: "Nice corolla." followed by ROFL

2. "Honey, I'm going to look at challengers." Response: "Sure honey. Please have a look at the model that seats 8 with the automatic sliding doors"
by baaz333 September 10, 2010
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A sexual act, preferably performed in a room with a low ceiling and requiring great upper body strength. The man lies flat on the bed, while the woman sits upright on top of him. At the moment of climax, the man lifts or throws the woman up into the air until her head makes contact with the ceiling. The ejaculate represents ignition and the ensuing crash represents the tragic explosion of the famed spacecraft in 1986.
Stacy's been riding the short bus to school, since John did that challenger on her last month.
by Zachg December 05, 2007
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1. The legendary bong, the challenger is 3 ft high with a 6 inch diameter chamber, that reduces down to 3 in., the challenger has a large tube to allow the person hitting it to sit down, it is a two person operation due to the sheer size. The size of the bong makes it a perfect party bong, along with the tube to allow multiple people to hit it before the chamber is even cleared. The Challenger gets it's name from the rocket ship that exploded in 1986 during launch, because its resemblance to it, and because the amount of smoke it allows produced is rival, to scale, of the amount that would be produced if a rocket was lifting off. The Challenger is not to be used by beginners, as they may end up far too high to function. It is best when coupled with alcohol.
1. Dude did you see Rob hit the challenger yesterday? TOTALLY EPIC!
Yea after one hit we were all toast!
by Backkkup June 28, 2007
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Highest tier in league of legends, only the best players in the world can become a challenger.
by Mosti posti March 03, 2016
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