1. A smiley usually representing a person wearing sunglasses, denoting coolness.
2. A lesser-used definition of said smiley, instead meant to show a person with large "bug eyes." Indicates eyes popping out, craziness.
1. I went to the mall and reserved that new game today 8D
2. OHMGEE. That's SO awesome. 8D
by Tozoku September 28, 2006
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8D is a manic face, usually used to show insanity, hypomania or severe nerdism.
Originated in J-rock roleplayers, and spread to J-rock fandom especially on Livejournal.
by Dahlia August 21, 2005
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A smiley usually representing a funny person wearing glasses, denoting coolness, and smartness.
stay 8-D (stay funny and smart)
by funny person me December 29, 2009
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The face made when a pair of breasts are seen
Stew Pidd- yo man check out these tits: www.xxXbreastsXxx.com/user?_haet?sfe/Big_Busty/101

Mr. keaton: 8D

Stew Pidd: thats what i said 8D
by Ponchop July 11, 2010
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A text chode ;D
Not 8====D which is a normal penis
8D is a chode
I.M Chat-
Iloveyou-Damn,last night me and John got heated,and when i pulled of his pants he had a 8D
Iloveyoutoo-Damn;he has a chode xD
by Ohey<3 June 10, 2011
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a penis... a very small penis.... ITS NOT EVEN A FUCKIN PENIS ITS 2 BALLS AND A KNOB....
"I thought Yuna had a (|) but -he- really had a 8D... DICKLESS FREAK!" - Grahf
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