Ozempic is an antidiabetes weight loss drug.

The jingle is: Oh oh oh Ozempic!

Side effects may include: Ozempic butt and suicidal thoughts.

And dancing skeletons! (Just kidding! No dancing skeletons)

Oh oh oh Ozempic!

You're better off eating low carb and eating more fruits and vegetables and exercising, especially weight lifting and machines. Also, adding Dimethylamylamine can help.
Valerie: *Takes Ozempic.

Valerie: I'm treating my diabetes with Ozempic. I combined it with a healthy lifestyle. I lost 30 pounds. Too bad I got Ozempic butt now.
by CognitiveFuel July 12, 2023
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Guy 1: Yo how does the jingle for the Ozempic ad go?
Guy 2: Oh Oh Oh, Ozempic! Oh Woah Oh Ohhhhhhh.
Guy 1: Thanks.
by blu b thats me June 8, 2023
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(of a person or their build) gracefully thin; slenderly built (used approvingly).
her ozempic figure
by pseudorian July 5, 2023
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ur ass cheeks

or could also mean:
awesome pic (awesome picture)
first definition: ur ozempic is lookin real fine.
shake that ozempic on me.
second definition: what an ozempic! that’s an ozempic.
by Sab rose May 17, 2021
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A a term used to describe the sagging, gaunt look of the facial skin due to the loss of facial fat following drastic weight loss from the drug Ozempic.

Ozempic treats type 2 diabetics and obesity. Due to its side effects (glycemic control, shitting your brains out due to diarrhea, extreme bloating) people without these conditions are using it for its ability to induce weight loss, making it popular amongst celebrities and anyone who wants a quick fix. This has caused the price of the medication, and its sister drugs, Wegovy and Rybelsus, to skyrocket and experience limited supply, making it difficult for users who legitimately need them.
I hadn’t seen him until this afternoon and the Ozempic face and butt surprised me. I miss his old butt. It was a fine ass, as they say. Sad day
by bruhdisease September 18, 2023
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