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the street name for ecstacy; a tablet commonly small.
She bought some earings.
by Twattt April 14, 2008
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When Jack uses his penile organ to give Belle sexual pleasure via the ear canal
Jack is earing belle after dinner
by Fudge2 March 17, 2016
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Impractical piece of jewelry, most often forcibly inserted into the lower earlobe where it then hangs. Most often used by girls with a single "earing" in each ear, sometimes also used excessively - by girls or guys - with mixed results.

Statistics have shown that people identifying themselves as "gothic" or "emo" have are 150% more likely to have multiple earings.
In the book "Diary" Peter's friend ripped his earing out, severing his earlobe into two pieces, resembling a snake's tongue.
by Louis K April 11, 2005
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