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Like democracy, socialism, marxism, and other forms of government, a form where the ruling class claims to give power to the majority (the people, working class, whatever), while instead, devoting it to themselves.

The concept of communism, just like the concept of democracy, would work fine if it was not corrupt, or if it did what it claimed is stood for.
China is a communist state.
by Louis K June 24, 2005

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Abundant, often ridiculously so
All these high schoolers write with such copious wording, I just have to give them F's, and I know they just go home and cut themselves because of it.
by Louis K May 31, 2005

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Word of Jewish Descent meaning Oh God. Often used by girls looking for something new to say or by guys badly impersonating Jewish people, who actually talk exactly the same way as the rest of us.
"Oi Vei, my parents are beating me again"
"I told you, stop talking to me"
"Oi Vei, here we go again."
by Louis K April 11, 2005

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1) Mythical prototype board for working on bottoms of cars, includes such add-ons as tool set, can swivel, lock into place, etc...

2) Someone with little or no sexual dignity.
1) The mechanic saved up all his money for a year to buy a new ratchetboard, which greatly facilitated his work.

2) "Are you going out with Maggie dude?"

"No man, I hears she's a total ratchetboard"

"Yeah man, she gets around"
by Louis K April 23, 2005

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A girl some guy is not really interested in, but who, for some reason or another, he occasionally works on building a relationship with. Sort of a hobby.
"dude, can you come over this weekend?"

"no man, I'm working on my weekend project."
by Louis K April 23, 2005

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Softly, most often used as a death reference. Also one of the pedals on a piano.
"Vinnie, I want you to kill him, but make it sostenuto" "Yes boss"
by Louis K April 11, 2005

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Term meaning Penis. Also can be used for marajuana/hash.
I've got to go take care of the bombolock (meaning masturbate or smoke).
by Louis K June 05, 2005

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