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A computer that is best used for throwing at babies.
"Dude look at that baby. It's teh sux0rs."
"EEEEMMMMAAACCCC!" *Throws eMac at baby, death ensues.*
by KevinSir November 03, 2006
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The best text-editor of all times. Even better than Vi. Millions of features, and entirely customisable. Not this long to load that Vi-fans would say. Emacs is available on almost every unix based system you can imagine, and also on Windows. With its tons of keyboard shortcuts and key bindings (also customisable), you will produce code faster you you have ever done
Vi is the only text editor I know in which you have to type commands to insert text...
by jeremy__ May 30, 2005
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"eight megabytes almost continuously swapping"

Huge text editor in unix, long to load but powerfull and apreciated by a large group of programmers. But Vi is faster ans better ... Also known as xemacs with graphics stuff.
I had that file to be edited, didn't have time to open emacs so I started Vi.
by FinFiNeau March 15, 2005
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A poorly engineered and poorly designed computer made by apple, it has been proved that only 3% of all emacs will ever successfully play a whole dvd while the other 97% will either freez, or pretend that the disc has not been cleaned, the only reason why the emac is considered to be the best computer in the world is because it has less cord, also see white shit box pooltoy or bill clinton
yo dude isn't that one of the original 1943 game boy's?
Nah man this is an emac
by bill gates September 05, 2004
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electronically "Mac"ing on someone. usually male to female. can be employed on social networking sites, through email, and etc.
"yo colon, i just found caroline's facebook now you can e-mac on her."
by James Tao October 26, 2008
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A person who gains pleasure from amassing large quantities of knowledge about subjects often too detailed or complicated for most other people to be bothered with.

Emacs exist covertly within the fabric of society, often choosing to 'nerd it up' in private or in the company of fellow emacs.

1)An Emac is one whose IQ exceeds his weight

2)A person who enjoys eating trail mix instead of amazing candy i.e. smarties
by Anonymous803021 February 22, 2009
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