sucks (in a negative and un-1337 manner).
j00 sux0rs j00 n00b.
by tubulartom November 23, 2002
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This game is the sux0rs
by Sn00kle November 23, 2002
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A person or thing that is disapproved of or frowned upon. Often used with "teh" instead of "the", as in "teh sux0r"
1) Wyzak sucks, you might say he is teh sux0r.
2) Sodomy is teh sux0r.
by Anonymous March 2, 2003
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1) Sucker (see also SUCKA!)

See also sukc.


To sux0r: (derrogatory) To suck, to be the one sucking or who sucks. To not be teh gud or teh h4x0r. n01 lieks you.

To sux0r: To physically suck, draw into your mouth or other cavity.

printf ("j00 = teh %s",$sux0r3rOrh4x0r3r)


"Man, this doze w3rm on our network is really starting to sux0r..."
by Zor Prime November 26, 2003
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a person who sucks at something, usually a computer or video game.
see also suX0rZ
j00 4r3 73h suX0r. 1 4r3 73h u83r 1337
by meh December 17, 2003
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Something that really, totally and extremly sucks. Often used in conjunction with teh. Also: su><0r
"That is teh sux0r!!!"
by Baller November 30, 2002
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Formal and Proper way of saying "suck" not "sucks" (keep in mind that sucks with an 's' at the end should be replaced with sux0rz rather than sux0r).
Sux0r my buttz0r plskthx.
by Advil April 9, 2004
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