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A poorly engineered and poorly designed computer made by apple, it has been proved that only 3% of all emacs will ever successfully play a whole dvd while the other 97% will either freez, or pretend that the disc has not been cleaned, the only reason why the emac is considered to be the best computer in the world is because it has less cord, also see white shit box pooltoy or bill clinton
yo dude isn't that one of the original 1943 game boy's?
Nah man this is an emac
by bill gates September 6, 2004
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An english dish culminating the flavours of boiled rice or baked mashed potato or paste, and afterwards filled with vegetables or meat.
For example;
I bet Tristans' having cassarole for dinner tonight
Cassarole is Tristans' staple diet
by bill gates April 10, 2004
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vaginal cleaning device "also spelled douche"
by bill gates March 19, 2003
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Rewind.. Postwhorious maximus.. This is a term used for post whores who post alot on internet message boards..
Rewind: :hay: Blueprint the popes dying! WHERES YOUR GOD NOW?!?!?!

Blueprint: oh would you stfu youre such a post whore! :mad: and your going to hell cause god loves me and dosnt love you!
by bill gates February 7, 2005
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NintendoGN.com is quite possibly the greatest Nintendo site ever in the history of the internet.
NintendoGN.com sure does rock!
by bill gates December 3, 2004
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My peecee crashed because windowz sucks.
by bill gates August 31, 2003
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