15 definitions by lil miss

When a person takes the drug extasy and lays down to sleep instead of dance.
Man that pill was lame all I did was chill all night,I hate when I e tard.
by lil miss April 14, 2006
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Liberals believe in BIG government which means the government should be allowed to tax everything up to 60% or more so people that choose not to work can have everything supplied to them for free by the government.
That is why we are losing so many companies to over seas smart countrys give tax credits and incentives for buisness to open there.
CANADA is the true definition of a liberal country
by lil miss March 19, 2006
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The recipiant of a Hot Carl.{Someone who covers their face with plastic wrap and then allows someone or something to deficate feeling the heat from the fresh shit on there face.}
This ol'hooker I know use to specialize in the art of Hot Carl,but never charged more than 20 bucks to accually be the Lucky Pierre.She use to say "Shit Happens"
by lil miss April 10, 2006
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on the phone you would say"hey man got any of thet green carpet?"
by lil miss April 7, 2006
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how your body feels after great sex!
That was great I am so jellowed!
by lil miss April 13, 2006
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A model type chic, wit a pretty face and very small and tall!!!
by lil miss March 18, 2003
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Everyonee is WRONG- 420 is the police code for a weed bust!
Officer Brinkly we have a 420 on a white cargo van.
by lil miss April 29, 2006
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