16 definitions by pinky

A word made up out of necessity to keep the bloodthirsty nations out of connection with the under ground pie world. Quite literally means "chicken pot pie". Now you know... use this information wisely. . .
"Wow what an amazing slice of floorkindorkinshnizzlepoo!"
by pinky September 15, 2004
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1.one who is still feeling sketchy off the effects of ecstacy.

2.those who are retarded due to excessive use of ecstacy.
1.when i wake up in the morning and feel a crazy afterglow from the rave last night, i feel e-tarded.

2.those e-tards in the corner of a rave that stand around like dumbasses talking about nothing and giving eachother massages.
by pinky July 1, 2004
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Elmo is the bestestestestestest
by pinky March 31, 2004
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what you say when you have no idea what to say or when you're bored.
"doobeedoobeedoo... soo.. what's new?"
by pinky April 14, 2005
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Sellin narcotics(weed,coke,x,pcp, all dat shiitt)
yo kid, ever since i started pushin i got madd doe.
by pinky April 12, 2004
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A pussy pleaser is a man's dick... it pleases women's pussies!
His pussy pleaser felt so good inside of me!
by pinky June 28, 2004
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