Da Underground Threat

DUT is a family...not a gang they dont hate but are hated on.it runs from Florida to New Jersey and consist of about 35 members.Many try and be like them such as GAG, BP, NB, and the whackest of all Hot Sex, but fact is DUT cannot be duplicated. So run with, us from us, or get ran the fuck over FUCK friends we family!....all other wanna be crews...FUCK U!
bob: "Hey u heard about that Hot Sex Crew?"
Cuzo: "FUCK THEM!...its all about DUT baby!"
by $Killa Kal$ June 02, 2008
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When your a tad bit shorter then everybody else; dut
I've seen him before, alittle dut if i must say.
by Personapal November 18, 2019
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Yo dude that kid marik gaugis is a fucking dut
by vazuko September 02, 2019
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A blunt, either containing the original tobacco or rolled with weed. Short for Dutch.
Yo should I roll a dut?
by Karma999 October 02, 2019
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Dut- adjective
double texting someone when they dub you. if someone β€˜duts’ you, you’re probably kinda important to them bc they wanna talk.
β€œomg i dutted him”

β€œholy shit really?!”
by ooooofylishious June 30, 2018
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