The word yoh is used in South Africa to express awe or surprise.

A suitable synonym is wow.
Yoh, Emma looked hot last night!
by james_potie July 7, 2016
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A word used in shock or in surprise. It is mainly used by South Africans as an expression of surprise or shock.
Yoh did you hear the baby wasn't hers?

I can't believe those where implants, Yoh!
by Eweklk19 November 6, 2023
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If i were to discribe it. Another way of saying yo, but much cooler, and more 90's rap kind of way to say it too. I said it one day, and now it's practically my catchphrase!
Amanda: yohhh! wazaaap!
Chris: yoh?
Amanda: yeahuh faggot, yoh!
by amangrr October 27, 2008
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This is a various sound by the predebut K-hiphop group 3racha. Used by SpearB A.ka Changbin in Stray Kids.
by Sxxls_. March 31, 2021
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variant of yo! just more of an exclamation.
"yo, yo... YOH!"
by samaxAmen November 5, 2003
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Year of Hotness. Philosophy of getting as hot as possible in one year, and doing anything possible to pursue that excellence while still partying and prowling a lot. Includes eating well (but never cutting out alcohol), working out, and generally getting jacked n tan.

Often instituted in the year post-breakup of a major relationship.

Can also be used to justify certain behaviours (like ordering a salad, or drinking vodka sodas instead of beer)
A friend asks you to go out on a Thursday, but you can't until later because you need to run first. They get sad, you say "YOH baby" to remind them of your pursuit of excellence.

Matt: "I don't want to get pizza, it's not very YOH"
by DUBS121212 August 9, 2012
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In a stoners laziness he will spell you like this because he doesn't wanna backspace an fix this minor problem.
by Ai10-86 August 1, 2017
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