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Exclamation uttered by insane people, or people pretending to be so.

(Read it backwards.)
Fred: You're nuts!
Daphne: Hee hee hee. Enasnimai!
by phantom oddity June 22, 2004
The best or highest valued ability of a person. Mostly used in a negative sense to emphasise that someone is not good at a particular activity.

The phrase derives from card games where suits are considered to have different values.
Daphne: Wanna go dance?
Fred: Dancing isn't my strong suit. How about we go bowling instead?
by phantom oddity June 22, 2004
Pre-Menstrual Tension. A hormono-psychological disturbance that affects (to some degree or another) anyone in proximity to someone in, or experiencing the main phase of, a menstruation cycle.
by phantom oddity May 20, 2004
May mean nothing but is undoubtedly derived from 'Babooshka', the Russian word for 'Grandma'.
by phantom oddity January 13, 2004
An area, region or place that usually belongs to someone; i.e. territory.
'The sewer is the domain of the rat.'

'urbandictionary.com is an Internet domain signifying the on-line territory of those who run the Urban Dictionary.'
by phantom oddity October 28, 2005
Term of abuse used against people with red hair. Pronounced with a hard first g and rhymes with singer.

See also: ginger
"Oi! Ging'er! Too sunny for you" -- "Uh. Yes, actually."
by phantom oddity February 18, 2006
1. n. a root vegetable used as a spice. It has a bittersweet, aromatic flavour.
2. adj. anything flavoured with ginger.
3. n./adj. a yellowish-brown colour, tending to orange.
4. adj. a colloquial term used to describe people with red hair, who also tend to have pale skin tone and freckles.
5. adj. (pronounced with a hard initial 'g' and rhyming with singer) - as 4., but is used as a term of abuse. Sometimes spelt with an apostrophe after the second g to distinguish from the less offensive pronunciation.
6. (rare) adj. delicate.
1. Young ginger root has a milder flavour.
2. ginger biscuits, ginger beer, etc.
3. "The setting sun took on a gingerish hue."
4. "Daphne's hair was ginger, though she preferred to call it red."
5. "Oi! Ging'er! Too sunny for you?!" -- "Uh. Yes, actually."
6. "Fred crept gingerly towards Daphne."

Also: Compare red, 4. and 5. with black, negro and nigger.
by phantom oddity February 18, 2006