22 definitions by phantom oddity

Exclamation uttered by insane people, or people pretending to be so.

(Read it backwards.)
Fred: You're nuts!
Daphne: Hee hee hee. Enasnimai!
by phantom oddity June 22, 2004
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The best or highest valued ability of a person. Mostly used in a negative sense to emphasise that someone is not good at a particular activity.

The phrase derives from card games where suits are considered to have different values.
Daphne: Wanna go dance?
Fred: Dancing isn't my strong suit. How about we go bowling instead?
by phantom oddity June 22, 2004
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Pre-Menstrual Tension. A hormono-psychological disturbance that affects (to some degree or another) anyone in proximity to someone in, or experiencing the main phase of, a menstruation cycle.
by phantom oddity May 20, 2004
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Used as a confirmative, denoting the non-impossibility or existence of something somebody said "no way" to.
Daphne: I'm pregnant!
Fred: No way!
Daphne: Yes way!
by phantom oddity January 15, 2004
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An onomatopaeic ("sound effect") word that can only mean something bad or unpleasant has happened.

An exception to this rule applies to the heroes in zombie (or other monster) movies for whom the sound may represent the death of an enemy.
"Where's the cat?" *Sputch* "Uh-oh."

"Die zombie die!!!" *Sputch* "I love the smell of dead zombie in the morning."

"What's that lump under the carpet?" *Sputch* "Where's the hamster?" "Uh-oh."
by phantom oddity May 6, 2004
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n.: Vomitus; The result of someone or something having vomited; A pile/pool/puddle/lump of vomitus.

v.: To vomit.

May be used in place of shit for most meanings of that word.
Danny's day was going well until he stepped in the dog-vom.
"Vom!" he cursed as he vommed up his breakfast.
From that point on his whole day turned to vom.
All in all it had turned into the vommiest day of his life.
by phantom oddity January 9, 2004
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Used to describe something that is third in a list or classification system.

Follows on from primary and secondary.
'Tertiary education' in most countries refers to college or university education.
by phantom oddity October 13, 2005
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