two or more girls ingaged in scratching, punching, biting, box kicking, hair pulling, clothes ripping, and all the other brutal ways girls hurt each other. Usually very amusing to watch and film.
BOB: Yo, did you see those girls titties flyin every where when they ripped each others shirts off in that bitch fight?
ROB:Ohh Yaaaa, i got it on film too!
by Fry_Bag420 November 14, 2007
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Same as catfight. Bitches, women, girl-fight, Sexy girls fighting: bitchathon
2 bitches have a bitch fight, girl-fight bitchathon,
by suburbangurl84 September 11, 2012
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When two female best friends randomly get into a fight without any valid reason and then immediately become friends again right afterward.

Another definition of this is when two female best friends get into a fight whilst constantly screaming “fucking bitch” at each other .
1. Oi fam did you see that fucking bitch fight that happened in front of the canteen.

2. Two girls grab each other’s hair and scream “fucking bitch”
by DefinitionKidzz November 1, 2020
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Who do you thinking will win the fight? Definitely not that non fighting bitch satan, that pussy never could fight.
by sum.fukn.dude February 28, 2022
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A slap fight between two painfully pasty and white, lanky, bitch boys. Usually started after a bitch boy loses in a game or gets mad to or with another bitch boy.
Unfunny Comedian got into a bitch boy slap fight with the Drunken peasants and lost!
by Jon the Savage April 25, 2016
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