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completely devoid of any shred of anything that even remotely resembles inteligence
n00bs are even dumberer
by Mobius July 21, 2004
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dumberer dumerer (adj)- very far below anything even remotly resembling intelligence at all
ur dumberer than that kid in the special olympics
by queers annonomous June 21, 2003
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May refer to the celebrity Azn counterpart to "rafat" (who was coincidentally nicknamed "Dumby" by dumberer). dumberer is actually Azn in appearance but white and blonde in mentality. She is most acclaimed for her reputation as "President of Absolutely Everything". She is always known to be tired. Her head also hurts alot, either from some stress which causes headaches/migraine, or from thinking beyond her capacity (which is not much). Other interests include panda bears, Cinderella, One Tree Hill, vitamin C, Jamba Juice, lame chick flicks, Starbucks, etc. Overall, she is also known as one of the nicest people around. Any of the above definitions is also suitable for her description.
Dude: 2 + 2 is?
dumberer: my head hurts :(

dumberer: hey dumby!
rafat: don't call me that
dumberer: let's watch "27 Dresses"
rafat: NO

dumberer: hola chicos! we be dem tai chi ninjas!

dumberer: don't forget to be the epitome of human now

(Some random guy steals her car/food, pokes her, and/or otherwise makes fun of her)
by Borat Najadehari July 10, 2008
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obviously ANYONE can grow up to become president
I see the strategery he presents in the oval office even though his nation gets dumberer and dumberer.
by magnusonart April 30, 2005
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