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1) A word used to describe something as great, normally used when someone is feeling happy or exited.

2) A wod to call someone
1) "omfg even this sandwich is dudie!"

2) "hey dudie, 'sup?"
by so dudie November 06, 2005
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A term of endearment that a mother uses while speaking to her children. Can also be used by the children if the mother allows.
"dudie, could you change my profile pic on facebook?"
"omg dudie call me back at work asap"
hey dudie do you want to go skiing this weekend?
by Tequilabrownies February 07, 2010
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This word I came up with is just another version of "dude". I wanted something cuter and fun to pronounce so henceforth came dudie. And if anyone thinks they came up with the word before me and go posting on here and saying they discovered it. Well I was the smart one that actually put it on this dictionary.

Dudie: A term used to grab a stranger's attention, male or female but usually male. Could be used as a term of endearment if one so chose to use it as such.
"Hey dudie nice chocolate bar you got there, could I possibly have a bite?"
by desired4onesact August 08, 2004
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β€˜Dudie’ is a word used to call a best friend. Me and my best friend came up with this word and we don’t allow anyone else to use it and we don’t let anyone call us that. If anyone calls us β€˜dudie’ then we kick or punch them. You may think that is rude but β€˜dudie’ is Our word only and if any thinks they came up with it they are wrong. We came up with it so everyone else can rack off. We have been using it since we were 3 and our parents have always laughed at us.!
β€œHey Dudie, wanna make slime”
β€œHey Dudie, what are you doing”
by Dudie December 17, 2018
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