1.) v. The act of snorting cocaine.
2.) v. The sexual position in which a woman stimulates two men simultaneously, one penis in either hand.
1.) The friends left to go skiing in the Yayo Mountains over the weekend.

2.) At keg parties, she would often go skiing with the guys beside her on the couch.
by Dubious Skunk November 15, 2005
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When a girl sits between two boys and gives each of them a hand job at the same time. Mimicks the motion of having a ski pole in both hands and moving them up and down as done while skiing.
Colleen was "going skiing" with Bryan and Jonathan yesterday.
by H. Love August 10, 2006
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doing coke....... hello?
Who's going skiing tonight?
by howboutme August 11, 2006
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When someone is seated in the middle seat of the back of the car it's called going skiing, implying that they will use the dicks of the passengers next to them as handles. The term is used more loosely now, though, and can be applied when seated between girls as well.
Ha ha, Jimmy's stuck in the middle! Jimmy's going skiing!
by The Lloyd Boy July 13, 2009
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To sit between two guys in the back seat of a car. Can be accompanied by a gesture of holding ski poles.
OK, you three guys are going to have to ride in the back seat, I guess one of you is going skiing.
by ss-ric November 12, 2005
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when your very hype talking to your friends or a large group of people and you want everyone to be just as hype as you are so you say "let's go ski"

when something good happens at your prep school
Anyone: Dude our football team's so gonna win tonight, get hype.
Sean Coleman: let's go ski
by penjen3000 October 31, 2018
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Ski-go. Ego defined by avid skiers.
Dude has an inflated ski-go, can't stop talking about his(her) unique ability.
by Craig Ludwig, Holly MacArthur February 15, 2020
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