An ingrown butt hair.
I think I should have my doctor look at this dude.
by not a dude February 22, 2014
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A slang word for a camel's penis.
Wow did you see the dude on that camel?
by Nick Weedon September 14, 2005
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1) A guy
2) How to address someone who's name you don't know
3) Cry of anger or suprise

It slowly is losing it's meaning Just like the word "Like" it is just randomly thrown in to sentances by America's youth.
1) I like girls not dudes
2) Uh dude I don't know who you are but go away
3) DUDE! you stepped on my toe, ow
by Jersey Kid January 26, 2008
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Apparently Oscar Wilde is the first person who came up with this term.
'Dude' - derived from 'Duck' + 'Attitude'
Why/ How come? My guess is as good as yours.
Why/ How come? My guess is as good as yours, dude.
by godknowswhy March 18, 2005
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an infected hair on an elephants butt.
Cleatus Mc Fleatus loves to eat dudes, on a regular basis.
by Rachel February 25, 2005
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word that a stoner/skater/surfer/prep say one thousand times a day.
Girl- Ohmygawd, dude, Jenny was so like crushin on him like ohmigawd dude whats up. uh get my gloss.

Stoner- dude.

Skater- (busts ass) duuuuuude.

Surfer- (drowns) du *gurgle* ude
by That freakin loser January 12, 2006
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