hiding from someone or a group , usually cause they ratted and they got them head hunters on em
i saw him duckin out the back door when we walked in bra
by splankinberry August 11, 2003
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If yo' on the run for doing illegal shit, then yo' got a hide-out somewhere and lay-low until shit cools down.
"Man, while these bounty hunters/cops are after him he be ducking at his bruvva's zone."
by Diego September 4, 2003
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(1) Going somewhere to hide in order to hook up.
dude 1: Hey man, where were you?
dude 2: Ha! Me and Susie were duckin behind the swingset. You know John!

Dude 1: Hey man. I'm sorry I didn't answer my phone. I was duckin.
Dude 2: Kudos, you know John!

As soon as I told that bitch I had rabbit, she immediately wanted to go duckin.
by gilf June 30, 2006
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When you know someone is more dominant than you in any aspect of life so you completely avoid them
Donnie got lucky by winning a madden game with a last second Hail Mary*

Danny: Yo that play was bullshit play me again if you think you hard or some shit

Donnie: Nah bro that’s a waste of time I got nothing to prove

Marty: Aye yo Donnie got lucky and now he’s duckin Danny cause he knows that he’d get his ass whooped if they played again, what a pussy bitch
by Cadet_Tard69 January 6, 2020
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when u done something against the law and they lookin 4 u and u stay out of the might 4 a while; at a friends house,aunt/uncle.
yo since that boy got pinched sellin' he duckin at his girls house.
by $PAZZ April 1, 2003
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When one hides under a table in a Chinese restaurant in an attempt to avoid a bald black man.
My girlfriends saw me hiding under a table when Morgan Freeman entered the bar. They were like, "You be duckin'!"
by Jackson County November 25, 2006
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verb. When a female walks around with a top and no bottoms. Gender specific action of “Porky Piggin’ It”.
Male: Girl, why you be walking around here Porky Piggin’ It?!

Female: Get that sexist shit outta here. I’ll be Daisy Duckin’ It whenever I want.
by SrPickleTickle July 30, 2019
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