To have a huge crush on someone every time you get drunk. Sober you would never speak of it but when drunk it is all you want to talk about.
"I love Hannah!"

"You told me that yesterday when you were drunk too"

"But she is so hot!!"

"Dude you are just drunk in love with her."
by Bodog56 December 11, 2008
To be so in love you start acting like you're a happy, giggly drunk
Natalia and Anna were so drunk on love they couldn't stop laughing and they were all over eachother
by Depressedcroissant May 9, 2017
Shortened from "drunk and in love" meaning to have a crush on someone while intoxicated.
I am drunk 'n love with that girl, but she is probably ugly to a sober person.
by r0ger25 August 20, 2007
When your ex or existing partner is obviously in love with somebody new and tries to hide or deny it... But it's obvious to everyone.
Like a drunk denying that they're even intoxicated,Gina was not aware of the long distance sparkle in her eyes..or who she was really in-love with,but it was as obvious as a Drunk-Punch Love in the face to everyone else.
by Fungal Socrateas September 10, 2021
An emotion only felt after copious amounts of alcohol, which causes you to suddenly blurt out "Oh God I really love you, so much, I mean it!" to people you only met a few days ago. Includes people you've known for years and always hated, as well as exes of course, which is possibly the most lethal.
Can also come in the form of voice-mail messages, posts on Facebook, and texts.
You're my best friend in the world! There's nobody else like us, it's you and me, I love you!

I don't know why - y'know, I don't know why we broke up. We were so good together sometimes, I want you so bad, and also, y'know, cos I really love you. I do. I love you more than I ever thought I could, I'm yours.

ii love u i mean it. I love them too but i love you more and ur so hott lets hook upp come to thhe party xxx

The next morning:

"God, I'm so sorry I texted you, it was just drunk love, seriously. We're okay, right?"
(can be silly, humorous, sarcastic or offensive, depending on the context and/or the situation):

an actual intimate encounter (or thinking about having an intimate encounter with a given person) after just one date
the question is whether or not a situation of punch-drunk love can lead to a nsa/fwb or an fbltr
by Sexydimma November 1, 2013
is when you get so drunk that you fall in love with every girl, but no one wants a part of you because you are an emotional drunk wreck. basically your drunk and in love but you really are just a nutball.
max is so sexy, to bad hes such a punch drunk love. he flirts with every girl but only finger blasts them.
by mr cool ice May 14, 2011