throwing up due to heavy alcohol consumption lol!
hey it aint a party without someone whiting in ur shoes !!

eww sick ben is whiting again!
by dlhfvsl;h October 08, 2006
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LSD that has been printed on a blank perforated sheet of blotter paper
"What do the tabs look like this time?"
"Nothing, it's another sheet of white on white."
by fishdish April 04, 2018
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White on white describes the interior as well as the exterior of a car, an airpalne or any other vehichle for that matter. The paint job being white (usually candy paint for a car), and the interior being white (which is almost always leather on any vehichle). In a plane, eveything else is also leather, not just the seats, but also the armrests, the windows, the walls etc. The owner of the vehichle usually tends to design everything white on the white on white vehichle to match the interior and the exterior, like the rims, the wheel caps, and sometimes the grill.
Jay-Z's verse in Hustlin' remix:

Who you haters think you talkin to, I'm the fuckin boss.
White On White G4, hater get lost.
by Bassel.101 June 03, 2007
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A group of people who try to be "social" and considered "cool" by their other white friends
White white are the creation of the pathetic modern music industry and are generally the product of rich families. White whites also tend to be created in over sea countries in a place with lots of people who are not "white" thus giving them a sense of purerity against other race and making them mentally "white white"
isn't Paris Hilton the best example of a white whites?
by antilife October 17, 2009
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the all white Nike Air Force One's.

Commonly known as "blanco y blancos" "Dc's", or "Uptowns".
Them white on whites is lookin' fresh to def.
by Eyerone April 07, 2004
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When more than one white person are together in an area - usually the only race in the area. It also means a sport of some sort, versing only white opponents.

Not a racist comment, but a fact of the race.
"They're playing white on white."
"That Spanish guy got traded, so now the teams are playing white on white."
by BlueChevyPickup May 24, 2013
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A vehicle that is white and has white wheel caps.
BMW 745 white on white looks so nice!
by 2PInZ April 03, 2007
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